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Boarding School Rivalry - Ticklish Movie Time
Episode 12 of Boarding School Rivalry is out on and it looks as though The filming of "Ninja Maids 4" has provided an opportunity for Portia to infiltrate the exclusive universities to steal the sacred helmets.  But she also uses the filming for other ticklish opportunities ...

As before the story is based on a commission by :iconmorfe22: the art was by bosart and I completed the finalized text.
Dervland - Chapter 1 - Old Sneakers - Page 1
Here is the first page of Dervland as illustrated by :iconscratch52:. I will be uploading the full comic on my patreon page on a page by page basis as he completes it.  My patreon page is…

Angelica looked down at her old buffalo sneakers as she walked out of school.  They were big, they were clunky, and they were ugly, but she loved them.  They were oh so comfortable, she loved the way they slid against her nylons as she walked.  They were old and getting pretty worn, but they were tough and had held up well over the years.  They were her mother’s sneakers, and she had them since she was a kid.  It’s amazing they lasted as long as they did.  Indeed, they were probably the best made, longest lasting pair of shoes ever.  Only her friend, Attis, appreciated this, having worked with his dad in a shoe repair shop.  But all of her friends seemed to make fun of her for wearing such an old pair of sneakers to school every day she had Gym class.  She didn’t care.  They were her mom’s sneakers, and they were awesome.

She was walking with her friends Janet, Yumi and Tanya on this spring day, all of them wearing their school uniforms.  They had stayed after school as usual for extra help.  Their senior year was almost over, and their future was in question, but in truth they just wanted to spend as much time together as they could before the year ended.  “I hate these tests, I can’t wait until next year when college life starts and we can party,” Janet said brushing her red hair aside.

“You’re lucky to be going to college next year, Janet, with your grades,” Yumi said with a hint of envy in her voice.  It was pretty clear at this point that Yumi was not going to be going to college.  The end of the summer was going to be heart breaking when it was time to part ways.

Snickering could be heard from behind the four friends.  Angelica looked back and sighed when she saw the four girls she liked least eavesdropping on their conversation.  She had hoped that by staying after school she would avoid walking home with them, but it seemed they were now following them on this new routine as well.  Ever since freshmen year they had been a shadow they couldn’t shake.  Often jokingly referred to as “The ‘in’ Girls” because of how their names ended, Jasmine and her lackeys Joslin, Catherine and Carolyn seemed to be whispering to themselves and giggling mockingly as they eyed Janet and her friends.  It was hard to make out exactly what they said but Angelica definitely heard “she’s too stupid to get into a university,” snicker from Jasmine.
Ticklish Readjustments
BosArt has released the next issue of "Boarding School Rivalry".  Consuela has caused quite a shakeup in the battle blog and there is now a rivalry between her and the former leader of the Red Feather Sisterhood, Tala.  But will Tala betray her own school to put Consuela in her place?  Find out in the issue eleven "Ticklish Readjustments".  The full 71 page comic is available on

As usual BosArt created the art and I wrote the text.  The story was based on a premise by the commissioner, :iconmorfe22:
Cathrin by Scrach52
Here's the last "In Girls" character sketch drawn up by :iconscratch52:. Catherin is probably the most balanced member of Jasmin's little clique. She's smart and resourceful and is also a rather flexible gymnast. Still, she's rather shy and underestimates herself. Bullied while younger she found protection in Jasmin's group of friends and doesn't trust anyone outside their group. She changed the spelling of her name from Catherine to Catherin to fit in with the "In Girls" but most people call her Cat.

Age 18 when the story starts.
Powers: Her Attisian flats allow her to climb walls and also increase her speed and agility to cat-like levels.
Joslin by Scratch52
Another Dervland character drawn up by :iconscratch52:. Joslin in is the brains of "The In Girls". She's also quite a snob and looks down on "dumb people". She is smart, but not as smart as she thinks she is.

Age 18 at the start of the story.
Powers: Joslin's Attisian leather moccasins that allow her to fly ... for short distances.
I know I haven't been updating a lot lately and I am sorry.  Aside from some bosArt comics that I provided text for, I haven't written anything new in terms of new chapters to my own personal stories in over a year. I thought that, perhaps a good way to motivate myself would be to start a Patreon page.  I've been toying with the idea for a long time, but wondered if it was ever worth the effort, since I'm not artist, and I've never heard of people contributing to writers on Patreon.

But then I realized I could use my patreon money to commission artists to illustrate my stories and THAT could be the exclusive content.  I've always wanted my stories illustrated, and though bosArt has done a great job on illustrating a few of my stories, there are a lot of limitations to poser.  Stories like polyphylon girls and dervland, which have a lot of supernatural body changing elements require a good traditional artist, and they don't come cheap.

Another reason why I wanted to start a patreon was because I had a lot of content that I wanted to share, but wasn't comfortable sharing publicly on deviantart.  As it stands I already feel like I've shared too much on deviantart, and in some ways wish I'd been more reserved.  I'm a private person and would feel more comfortable if some of the content I produce were behind a paywall and not out in the open for everyone to see on Deviantart.  This doesn't mean I'm taking down my DA page, on the contrary DA is a great site for promoting patreon and networking with artists, but I'll probably be sharing more content on my patreon page as opposed to here going forward.

So here's the link to my patreon.  The first bit of exclusive content I put up was the 2010 BosArt illustrated version of The Magic Bodystocking - Chapter 1.  Hope you enjoy it!…

Let me know what you think.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
This DA page is mainly for my foot fetish stories and comics. The focus is on nylons, silk, stockings, pantyhose ... anything sheer that covers the feet (especially toes). I'm also into tickling, catfights, women losing their shoes, damsel in distress situations and slow shrinking so you'll see a lot of that sort of thing here as well. Some of it is pretty strange, I guess, but you won't see really gory or abusive stuff. I like to keep it fun and innocent for the most part, but it's not a place for kids.

My stories tend to be of the science fiction/fantasy sort and don't necessarily revolve around these fetishes. In fact, for some of these ideas, it was my original intention to write them as more mainstream fiction stories. But, as many DA users know, your art gets more attention the more you appeal to fan-service, so each of these entries rely heavily on fetish fuel. I'll let you be the judge as to whether or not my stories would be able to hold up on their own without such a heavy reliance on fan-service.

I keep this identity separate from my more mainstream work and like to keep this aspect of my artistic side private. That being said, I'm not at all embarrassed of this work, on the contrary I'm quite proud of it. It does in fact get a lot more attention than my mainstream work.

Requests? On occasion I do take them as time allows. Commissions as well if you really want me to write something for you. I don't do anything that involves rape and keep the characters 18 or older, even though they're fictional. My DiD preferences are pretty mild. I don't usually go beyond tickling although some of my stories have involved some more sexual themes.


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